MSC Treatment

SC21 MSC Treatment - Bangkok

Optimised MSCs

We produce MSCs that have been optimized for increased immune modulation, increased tissue regeneration, and increased growth factor production.

Supportive Therapies

Each patient will receive a personalized treatment plan. These treatments support organ functions and improve the body's microenvironment to maximize therapy outcomes.

Take Home Course

With each of our treatment packages, our patients will receive a set of condition-specific injections and compounded oral nutrition take-home course.
Take Home

MSC Treatment Options

Single Focus Treatment

Treatment options for 1 target such as a joint, back, face, or scalp injection. Also available as a single IV infusion for the treatment of aging purposes.

1 Day Treatment Options: from $4000 US

         > 10,000,000 MSCs

         > 20,000,000 MSCs 

         > 30,000,000 MSCs

Multi Focus Treatment

Treatment options for more than 1 target area, and/or including IV infusions for disease or for aging treatments. Includes supportive therapy program and take home course.

1-3 Day Treatment Options: from $11,750 US

          > 30,000,000 MSCs 

          > 50,000,000 MSCs 

          > 100,000,000 MSCs 

Advanced / Premium Treatment

These options include higher numbers of MSC for advanced stages of disease, quicker impact, or premium anti-ageing treatments. Includes supportive therapies and take home.

3-5 Day Treatment Options: from $38,000 US

          > 100,000,000 MSCs 

          > 200,000,000 MSCs

          > 300,000,000 MSCs 

Commonly Treated Conditions:

The majority of our patients suffer from one of the following conditions. 

For each, we have developed proven, targeted treatments that deliver replicable outcomes.